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The Author

Hey Everyone! My name is Caitlyn Patten, and I'm a professional 2D game artist. I have experience working in mobile games, web, and 3D art education. Ever since I picked up my first Sailor Moon manga as a kid, I've been drawing comics and creating stories for my friends to read, but I never really was able to start up a comic project because of my schooling and career. Ru is my first real comic project. Though it's not my pet project, it's themes and story drive me to keep creating.

Some of my hobbies include drawing, painting, writing, knitting, reading, studying theology and history, cooking/baking, going for walks, creating craft cocktails, eating bacon, and curling up with my cat to take naps. :3

If you have any questions about me, my work, etc, you can message me at any of these locations!




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